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In the final phase, your graphic user interface is combined with the content to produce a final completed product. This phase includes a detail-oriented fine-tuning and quality assurance process designed to provide you with the level of perfection you require for your business.

Unlike our competitors, we don't just scan your photos and type some text for your web site. Extensive thought goes into each layout, each image, and each word on your web site. Every scan that we do includes retouching, color-correcting, editing, and file-size optimization. Fancy graphics and photos do little to enhance professionalism and convey a message unless properly laid out. The graphics should enhance the content of the page, not overshadow it. Careful design considerations include:

- Readability and clarity
- Professional looking pages
- Reduced clutter and bunching
- Increasing viewing ease
- Easy controls and navigation
- A clean, fast and functional presence
- A method of collecting view data in a logical format that is useful for you
- A foundation for future functions and services

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